Engineering, Management & Risk Analysis for SubSEA Cables

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We provide engineering  expertise and risk management services to cable installers, cable owners  and other marine stakeholders such as permitting agencies and fisheries. 

Services include:

Feasibility study

Project management

Risk analysis & mitigation strategies

Fisheries Management

Survey management

Cable awareness planning and management

Vessel monitoring

Site visits   

Cable damage investigations

Liaison with other maritime sectors

Cable route engineering 

Data management

Permitting support

Burial analysis and strategies  

Crossing agreement management

Client representation


Our Recent Projects


JUPITER  |  New Cross Pacific  |  Pacific Light Cable Network |  Main One  |  Marea |  GBICS  |  TATA systems


JUPITER  |  New Cross Pacific  |  Pacific Light Cable Network |  Main One  |  Marea |  GBICS  |  TATA systems


 JUPITER  |  New Cross Pacific  |  Pacific Light Cable Network |  Hawaiki  | Deep Blue


Hawaiki  |  Marea  |  AAE-1


Hibernia 2  |  Arctic Fiber | C&W Caribbean systems | CARDON IV  | AAE-1



About Us

Principal Consultants: 

Robert Nock M.Sc., CMarSci  & Dr. Alison Nock, PhD

Rob has 25 years of experience in the planning, survey, installation and the maintenance of world-wide submarine cables can provide you with expert advice and management services.

Alison has 12 years experience with submarine cables plus expertise in big data management, vessel surveillance using AIS, coastal flooding and GIS. 

Our particular focus is on risk to your assets and we can assist you to protect your asset in a carefully planned campaign throughout its life-cycle.



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